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Teaching with Modern Technology

Benefits of this course? Join Teaching with Modern Technology course that offers teachers enhanced digital teaching techniques, classroom engagement, assessments and creating interactive digital lesson plans along with basics of Digital portal LMS/CMS. Additionally, get the advantage of getting paid for the lesson plans you create and internship opportunities at schools after this course.


6 weeks 3 hours per week


10th August 2023 (1st Batch)

Instructor Paced

Instructor-led on a course schedule

Schedule (Choose One Option)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Timings: 5pm to 6pm (Mon, Wednesday, Friday)


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Timings: 5pm to 6pm (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

About This Course

The “Teaching with Modern Technology” course is designed to fill the gap for the upcoming demand in the education sector for existing and new teachers to provide digital technology solutions for schools.
It emphasizes the planning and integration of these tools into the teaching process. The course starts with the learning outcomes that are included in designing learning activities and assessments.
Using the technology to create the Digital lesson plan to use it in the classroom to assign homework for the student to practice and improve their learning skills and focus on individual student practice to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Course Outline

Introduction to the Digital Portal and other modern teaching tools.
Overview of CMS and LMS functionalities.

Exploration of the Digital Portal. (Digital Library)
Hands-on exercises to understand the platform’s features.

Define and understand learning outcomes.
Integration of learning outcomes into the lesson plan.

Activities: :
Workshop on writing clear and measurable learning outcomes.
Practical exercises to integrate learning outcomes using the Digital Portal.
Create and utilize planning sheets for effective lesson planning.
Integration of planning sheets with Digital Portal.

Activities: :
Demonstration and hands-on practice in creating planning sheets.
Exercises in integrating planning sheets into lesson plans
Design lesson materials and digital lesson plans.
Utilize Digital Portal to create, store, and share these materials.

Activities: :
Workshops on creating engaging lesson materials.
Practice sessions in building and storing digital lesson plans on Digital Portal.
Introduction to various assessment tools and techniques. Integration of learning outcomes into the assessment process.

Activities: :
Exploration of Digital Portal’s assessment functionalities.
Practical exercises to assess students’ strengths and weaknesses using integrated learning outcomes.
Execute a complete lesson using materials and plans created during the course.
Reflect on the effectiveness and areas for improvement.

Activities: :
Participants QA the lesson using the Digital Portal.
Group reflection and feedback sessions.
What Will I Get When I Finish?
If you pass, you will get paid for the lesson plans you have created along with an internship at any school designated for practical implementation.
Who Can Take This Course?
Anyone can take this course, no matter what you have been teaching before. If you have some teaching experience, it might be helpful. You should have an intermediate degree or more and have a basic understanding of your core taught subject and computer skills.
Who Should Come to This Course?
Existing and New Teachers from any public or private school or institution.
How Will I Be Tested?
At the end of the module, you will be given an assignment to submit to evaluate your skills. If you like to get the internship with the schools for implementation you would need to complete the given assignments and basic modules.